Monday, January 19, 2009

Domestic Violence with Vodka and Budwieser Chaser

Ok so it starts with 3 Hoochy girls, a lot of tequila, myself and my man, and a couple of guys. Yes, it looked like a wonderful evening and I was going to get wasted and do some crazy dancing with my man. It was all set and ready to go and we make our way to Margaritaville. It was crazy fun and I chugged two Corona's. We left not too long after that.
We get to the hoochy girls home and I talk to the boyfriend of Hoochy #1 and he is telling us of his argument with Hoochy #1 for making out with super Hoochy girl #2. He is drinking his vodka with some Budwieser as chaser. We talk and well they got a lot of problems. To make this less painful, Hoochy #1 listens too much to Hoochy #2 and she sleeps around or hooks up with dudes that aren't her man. I tell him to dump her and she is using the fact that he needs the apartment that she treats him like shit. I tell him she is playing his punk ass and he needs to grow up.
Hoochy #1 walks in and asks her dude to talk with her upstairs and tell Hoochy #2 what his problem is. He doesn't even get the chance to get drunk.
Basically it goes all down hill after that. We hear shit being thrown and a couple hollers for dude #3. We all run upstairs and Hoochy #1 is crying and saying that her man beat her. Hoochy #1's man is torn up in the face and bloody. He gets his shit and leaves. As he leaves Hoochy #1 says and I quote "He didn't hit me, but I knew he wanted to hit me!" So I go after her man and tell him to book it cause she is calling the police. I talk to my friends (not the hoochies) that I don't believe one word Hoochy #1 and #2 say cause she was already wanting to break up ages before this scene and Hoochy #2 and #3 say that Hoochy #1 wanted to move on ages ago she just never had the right opportunity to do it.
This is the first time I have been present in a domestic violence situation were the Hoochy is at fault. I have seen the other version played out too many times to know that Hoochy #1's man was not drunk, was really chill even after seeing her make out with Hoochy #2 and talk to her ex-boyfriend, and was willing to work shit out after she called the cops on him. He has a record with the police so they believed the non-injured Hoochy over the bleeding man.
Women are fucking crazy and this Hoochy does not deserve to be in any relationship and every man in a 10 mile radius should get a restraining order on her. She is a danger to herself and to her friends. Hoochy #2 was a total hood rat and therefore should be sterilized before she moves onto her next year of college and stop giving out relationship advice. Hoochy #1 and #2 had this all planned out and lied for each other. Even with all of us present when this psycho stuff happened we were not questioned because "we didn't hear nor witness the argument," since Hoochy #1 and #2 said so. The police officer was great but the law was just being used as a tool to forcefully move someone out of their home.
As a certified domestic violence counselor this is when we should press upon both party's to stay away from each other. If either of you is a tramp move on and don't hurt your current partner. It's tramps like these that spread disease and have lots of children that suffer neglect. In order to be of any help to the human race please cut off your ovaries or for you men get those tubes burnt and shoot blanks PLEASE! So for all those suffering real domestic violence please read up on the situation and get some help from the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1(800)799-7233
It happens a lot more then it gets reported so stop real Domestic Violence and all you bitches and tricks using the cops as a tool for your lovers (non violent) quarrels get the fuck off the phone and just move out from each others lives.
-Mucky Molly

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  1. Molly and Patty sound a lot like Patty and Selma. Just sayin'.