Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spaghetti & Burritos

I love spaghetti and burritos but never wrapped up together. These foods are wonderful, cheap, versatile, and scrumptious meals. I love a good burrito for its bean selection and salsa, toss in the rest but if it doesn't have good beans or salsa it's RUINED! Spaghetti is known for its yummy sauce. If the sauce is lacking in any way it's RUINED! So I come to the conclusion that the sauce is what makes or breaks these beautiful foods. Next in line is the meat selection. If either food has shitty meat your in for a shitty experience. Imagine a world of gross meat burritos or even a shit grade ground beef in your spaghetti! I would toss it out the window! So when you go chasing the perfect burrito inspect the meat and give the salsa's the good ol' taste test. When you sit down and prepare to take the first fork full of spaghetti smell the sauce and check out where the meat came from. You will know a good burrito and a good plate of spaghetti if you follow these guidelines. Never settle for mediocre food, settle for the one that wont send your colon for a spin. So if you learn anything from this woman, it should be that you check your burritos and spaghetti don't get pushed over and ask for the best damn burrito and plate of spaghetti you have ever eaten and enjoy a little more in life.
If it wasn't for spaghetti and burritos some other unknown would be my favorite. I will invest in a good burrito and plate of spaghetti any day. They will never betray me but it is the places that serve it, are the ones who will let you down. I will never buy a plate of spaghetti at any store but I would be willing to buy a burrito. Burritos are a bought food and spaghetti is more of a make at home meal. (although if you do go out and buy good spaghetti let me know I have been dying to know for a while) I love that anywhere I go I can have a burrito. I also love that when I come home I can whip up a batch of spaghetti. You ask me why burritos and spaghetti? Well I will tell you why! They are simply AMAZING! When I get a job it will be the high life of burritos and spaghetti just you watch!
Please inform me of other yummy foods that should be brought to my attention.
Sloppy kisses,
Mucky Molly

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