Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I've been gone

Hello Mucky Molly here,
Long time no see... Yes I got a job so my life as a winner at the winner's enclosure was cut short. I know, I know I had to sober up and wash up. Now I am a working goon at a law office. Yes, it seems like law is the only thing hiring at the moment so go out there and belong to a law firm for a while. (Only if your desperate.)
Anywho just writing about something that makes me very angry. TRAFFIC. I absolutely hate driving to work, traffic makes my animalistic crazy behaviors come out and it usually helps me put my game face on when homeless people walk up to me for change. I end up growling and act just as crazy as the next intoxicated and grimy face on the street. I used to take the train but those days are long gone. (I miss you Metrolink) Yet my silver lining in the sky is something I recently discovered because of my traveling in 5 mile per hour traffic. The only thing that makes my mornings bearable is driving with J. B. Titty and the wonderful people at KROQ, the Kevin and Bean show will make me smile while I'm getting plowed into by some retarded LA driver.
LA drivers are the biggest rubber neckers, incapable of merging correctly, and the ones with the most dents and scratches on their cars. The last one should say the most about how bad it is driving in LA. My car isn't free of those dents and scratches. My car has been a victim of one hit and run, one count of vandalism, and one count of boyfriend backing out of Starbucks without noticing the gigantic cement pilar next to my car. My poor car (Panchito) is one tough Corolla I am definately one happy Toyota driver.
Coming back from my tangent... Let's get back to the Kevin and Bean show, I love this team of people with a passion. I laugh so hard that I don't care that I am getting cut off by some irate driver or that the truck driver next to me is running on no brakes. It makes me happy to know that I can relieve some tension by laughing with Kevin and Bean and the gang. Traffic blows, really blows, but I can survive it as long as I can ignore the horrible commercials, shitty rap, and listen to Kevin and Bean. If you read this Kevin and Bean I want you to know that I will always thank you for not letting me go insane. Love Mucky Molly.


  1. Hey.... There's a great website, www.kevinandbeanarchive.com, that has the shows archived with no commercials. Just click play all, and it will stream on your computer or phone. You can get archives all the way back to 2006.

    Also, you can go to KROQ.com to download the podcasts....



  2. The worst drivers are the ones that refuse to put out their blunts. I hate those assholes.