Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm A Winner!

So you know how I was saying that I had a job and all that jazz? Well here is some up to date news. I am no longer employed but laid off. WINNER WINNER WINNER! I am now sitting in my living room here at the winner's enclosure browsing craigslist, monster, yahoo hot jobs, and jobing for a job once again. It is full circle yes I really didn't expect it either. But you know what I am tired of really bad jobs asking to get rid of me. First some crap MSG factory then my receptionist job. I do my job but it seems like its a crime being efficient. Maybe if I paint my nails and do my hair while I am at work I will have better luck maintaining a job. As for the time being I am waiting for my unemployment claim to go through and see if I get any luck and get paid until I find something else. Like they say there is always something else. I hope to be employed by mid-September at the latest so I will keep up the blog a little more and get some good guest writers to give in some good articles. So once again Mucky Molly is back in the intoxicated and grimy deal and lets see what I discover as my time as a winner continues. Let me know if you wanna post. Just email and I will edit and review it for reading readyness on our blog.