Monday, October 19, 2009

Would you like your money washed?

This is getting redundant! I am unemployed and yes a little worse for wear when I get such shitty job offers. Ok I am not a genius but when I am asked to receive money transfers to my bank account and then wire transfer that to some unknown person, doesn't this sound like money laundering? Another one I see pretty often too, "We need you to pick up customer payments and deposit them then wire transfer to our headquarters at 'blank'." Do I have to post on my resume: "I don't know anything about working with a mafia, drug dealers, terrorists, and weapons dealers." In order to avoid scams? How is it that all I can attract is scams, schemes, and phishing scams... If I weren't a logical person I am sure that I would have been flim flammed, bamboozled, and hoodwinked.
Basically how can I find a job that does not require me to be a mark?
Well I am going to go back to traditional job hunting and hope that all goes well.