Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello all!
It has been a while... Going from hating to surviving my job, to missing my Plastered Patty. Life has been changing. From horrible road rage Molly to mellow chill Molly. The reason I find myself reflecting is just that so much has changed. I was feeling lost not too long ago, although I may not be found, this path I seem to be on has given me some self meaning. It also may be that I am writing a paper on existentialism. Where I am now is totally different from where I was about 6 months ago. I was hating and destroying plenty of things. Now I am putting those pieces back together and I tell you I made one big fucking mess. I feel bad for the anger I was stuck in but somewhat relieved that it got worked out of my system. I thank all of those who survived it with me.
School is so kick ass! I am loving every moment! I am learning about my field as well as learning about myself. It is so crazy how much things have changed. My head is still reeling!

Friday, June 11, 2010

School Again...

Mucky Molly here!
So I have decided that for free awesome health care through my dad that I would indebt myself to another school. LOL oh well I got a lifetime to pay those back (right?).
On the other hand I really like my new school and all it has to offer. I miss being on a campus, meeting new people, and getting information from a teacher as opposed to reading piles of books with out guidance. This new school has it all! Campus and online class meetings. The combo works just fine for me. So I am juggling a crazy life zapping job and intense course work (oh grad school). I am also trying to find that balance of hanging out with friends and not spending all my money! Oh man!
On the flip side I am looking for a new place to live. I want to stay in the same area but closer to a different cable company. (Charter Sucks) Remember that so you don't get scammed into a cool contract and then poof out of the blue they blow up your bill. I also need to get away from the roaches. I am tired of seeing them and their beach lounging furniture on my kitchen counter. Those little bugs only die when I spray them with PineSol and bug bombs just turns their home into a sauna and then they hide under the fridge. So it is time for a change and a new environment. Let's hope we don't go from "Guate-"mala" to Guate-"pior." For all of you who are not Spanish speaking it means plain old "From bad to worse."
Signing out --- Mucky Molly

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Dose of Music

I just happen to be finding myself listening to music to boost up my mood at work. I have to say that I love listening to streaming music. None of that iTunes junk because I can't download stuff onto my computer at work. So here are some of the great things you could use. Your particular favorite radio station may be streaming live as we speak. Yet there is another format I am truely in love with. Pandora.com I get to create my own radio station and it suggests artists I may like for the particular radio station I create. You can be selective and press thumbs down and never hear that particular song ever again. Another great feature is the artist bio or synopsis that will help you learn things about your favorite bands and artists. Nothing like lyrics to sing along too! It also suggests artist similar to the style of your favorite artist and you can add those to your radio station. Feel free to create all sorts of play lists like dancy, R&B, chill music, other language artists, alternative, electronica, rock, oldies etc. You have the final decision of letting the song stay on your station or boot it off. Nothing is set in stone because you can go back to your settings and take your ban off of any song just in case you didn't mean to get rid of a song. Oh and you can set it up so you can make a song take a rest for a month and then will be streamed back into your playlist. You can also link up to Amazon.com and buy the song and download it to your computer. Although it sucks that you only get 40 hours of free listening per month so be stingy and pause often. Unless your a big spender and you pay for an account. (Not my style anything free is better) If you go over your 40 hours last.fm is what you need. Very similar to Pandora but you get music videos or Artist pictures while their song plays. You create a profile and you can discuss your favorite songs. Very very similar to Pandora but totally more flashy and loud but you don't have to look at it the whole time just listen for free. The ads plastered all over are a necessary evil or no free music for you. No limitations to how many hours you listen to the site but it tells you how much music you have been listening to. So you will realize how much of a noise junky you are. So as I day dream about a better job, about starting my career, and basically not being at my current job, listen to music at work (but get your job done) and keep your life soundtrack fresh, discover new artists, and don't let the dragon lady or man of a boss get you down!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing My Coco

Molly here again,I know it is a delayed reaction but I am just here to remind you that we MUST boycott Jey Leno. No more of him on my TV. I miss my Coco he was so much more fun, exciting, and silly than this Leno dude. I am just whining about what I miss on my TV. Now I must scan the channels to find something good on Late Night or maybe just go to sleep early. Now that's a concept. Here are a couple of shows that would be perfect in entertaining me while Leno is on: Most Extreme Eliminations, Married with Children, The Simpsons, The Man Show, or Two and A Half Men. All of which will have me laughing and ready for bed. As the world keeps turning and the sun keeps setting I wonder what Molecular Man is up to? Is he off taming wild beasts? Taking his family on a trip around the world? Does he miss New York? Is he off creating improve studios? Writing for the Simpsons maybe? While I am working my head day dreams of what will Conan do next? Could we document a day in the life of Conan? Or maybe could you win a super awesome sweepstakes to spend a day of creative writing with Conan!!!??? Oh, I can dream can't I?
Well as Conan sets off on his new adventures I pine for his return as the new and well rested Conan. I miss you and I hope you know that everytime its boring and quiet enough at my desk I think of Conan O'Brien and Bill Murray hanging out with me (then I have my silly grin on my face or if its enough I am laughing out loud) and I get through another day of traffic, bills, and static electricity in my hair.
Love Mucky Molly

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mucky Molly Here,
It has been so long since we have last spoken. Like a true procrastinator that I am I have postponed as long as I can to get a post up. I think it is about time that I said a thing or two. Let's see whats new? I still am living in the good ol' Winner's Enclosure and it has been wonderful. I miss my buddy in crime Plastered Patty like crazy. She is off doing some work in England until the end of a Master's program brings her back to the Winner's Enclosure. Work is work and its going absolutely no where for me. It is likely that I am good at my job, I am good at getting my work done, and even getting recognition but it is not where I want to be in the next 30 years of my life. Yet it is the only thing hiring and I am dying to venture out. Only that I am scared to miss work at my current location to go to job interviews because any little slip up and I am back where I started, like all the others out there looking in. It is funny how people keep telling me "you should just be happy you have a job," or "stick with it maybe you will change carreer paths," or my own favorite "stay and be exploited because its all you can do." It only seems to be getting worse and worse. So I did go to a job interview for a managerial position a few months back, I won't mention where but its starting salary is minimum wage! How is that possible? Oh, yes, we are all desperate to get our families fed, bills paid, and stay housed. That is what the employers see and that is why we are happily exploited at two or three jobs at a time. The desperation in the air, the looming bills, the interest rates only going higher, and inflation is the way we live now. This is what we got to look forward to until the economy gets better and when will that happen? Everyday I wonder about all those students starting up college now. Is it worth it? Will they have jobs when they graduate? Who will likely take the lead in the job market? Right now all I feel is defeat. Yeah I have my diploma but during a depression everyone regardless of age, gender, education levels, and social status (in this case middle class and under) are all equalized. So this situation has put doubt in my mind, asking myself to reevaluate what I want, should I go to school and defer loans until I die, will I ever get where I am going, can I really live if I have debt coming out my ears, will my student loans get any smaller, and my most favorite of all will I be able to live someday. Soon to be my 2nd year out of undergrad I still don't have direction, or a job that makes me happy, and not even a little spending cash to go visit England let alone going to Disneyland. Well wouldn't it be grand to be the ruler of the world and all those who really made an effort to get ahead in education got rewarded for it rather than billed for it would be my biggest wish. Right now it is just a way to make a couple hundreds of thousands on people who are signing any document lending them money to pursue and education. Maybe I should have just become a grifter and live with zero debt. Oh to be a swindler. LOL. Homer had the right idea, sing on the street like Mr. Bojangles and get enough money to buy Marge diamond earings. I wonder if I could become a famous enough Student Loan avenger and get the super rich to scholarship students money for graduating. Well that is enough of my rant. Hope you all enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment and add on your own gripe.
Drunken Wishes and Student Loan Free Dreams,