Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mucky Molly Here,
It has been so long since we have last spoken. Like a true procrastinator that I am I have postponed as long as I can to get a post up. I think it is about time that I said a thing or two. Let's see whats new? I still am living in the good ol' Winner's Enclosure and it has been wonderful. I miss my buddy in crime Plastered Patty like crazy. She is off doing some work in England until the end of a Master's program brings her back to the Winner's Enclosure. Work is work and its going absolutely no where for me. It is likely that I am good at my job, I am good at getting my work done, and even getting recognition but it is not where I want to be in the next 30 years of my life. Yet it is the only thing hiring and I am dying to venture out. Only that I am scared to miss work at my current location to go to job interviews because any little slip up and I am back where I started, like all the others out there looking in. It is funny how people keep telling me "you should just be happy you have a job," or "stick with it maybe you will change carreer paths," or my own favorite "stay and be exploited because its all you can do." It only seems to be getting worse and worse. So I did go to a job interview for a managerial position a few months back, I won't mention where but its starting salary is minimum wage! How is that possible? Oh, yes, we are all desperate to get our families fed, bills paid, and stay housed. That is what the employers see and that is why we are happily exploited at two or three jobs at a time. The desperation in the air, the looming bills, the interest rates only going higher, and inflation is the way we live now. This is what we got to look forward to until the economy gets better and when will that happen? Everyday I wonder about all those students starting up college now. Is it worth it? Will they have jobs when they graduate? Who will likely take the lead in the job market? Right now all I feel is defeat. Yeah I have my diploma but during a depression everyone regardless of age, gender, education levels, and social status (in this case middle class and under) are all equalized. So this situation has put doubt in my mind, asking myself to reevaluate what I want, should I go to school and defer loans until I die, will I ever get where I am going, can I really live if I have debt coming out my ears, will my student loans get any smaller, and my most favorite of all will I be able to live someday. Soon to be my 2nd year out of undergrad I still don't have direction, or a job that makes me happy, and not even a little spending cash to go visit England let alone going to Disneyland. Well wouldn't it be grand to be the ruler of the world and all those who really made an effort to get ahead in education got rewarded for it rather than billed for it would be my biggest wish. Right now it is just a way to make a couple hundreds of thousands on people who are signing any document lending them money to pursue and education. Maybe I should have just become a grifter and live with zero debt. Oh to be a swindler. LOL. Homer had the right idea, sing on the street like Mr. Bojangles and get enough money to buy Marge diamond earings. I wonder if I could become a famous enough Student Loan avenger and get the super rich to scholarship students money for graduating. Well that is enough of my rant. Hope you all enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment and add on your own gripe.
Drunken Wishes and Student Loan Free Dreams,