Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Dose of Music

I just happen to be finding myself listening to music to boost up my mood at work. I have to say that I love listening to streaming music. None of that iTunes junk because I can't download stuff onto my computer at work. So here are some of the great things you could use. Your particular favorite radio station may be streaming live as we speak. Yet there is another format I am truely in love with. I get to create my own radio station and it suggests artists I may like for the particular radio station I create. You can be selective and press thumbs down and never hear that particular song ever again. Another great feature is the artist bio or synopsis that will help you learn things about your favorite bands and artists. Nothing like lyrics to sing along too! It also suggests artist similar to the style of your favorite artist and you can add those to your radio station. Feel free to create all sorts of play lists like dancy, R&B, chill music, other language artists, alternative, electronica, rock, oldies etc. You have the final decision of letting the song stay on your station or boot it off. Nothing is set in stone because you can go back to your settings and take your ban off of any song just in case you didn't mean to get rid of a song. Oh and you can set it up so you can make a song take a rest for a month and then will be streamed back into your playlist. You can also link up to and buy the song and download it to your computer. Although it sucks that you only get 40 hours of free listening per month so be stingy and pause often. Unless your a big spender and you pay for an account. (Not my style anything free is better) If you go over your 40 hours is what you need. Very similar to Pandora but you get music videos or Artist pictures while their song plays. You create a profile and you can discuss your favorite songs. Very very similar to Pandora but totally more flashy and loud but you don't have to look at it the whole time just listen for free. The ads plastered all over are a necessary evil or no free music for you. No limitations to how many hours you listen to the site but it tells you how much music you have been listening to. So you will realize how much of a noise junky you are. So as I day dream about a better job, about starting my career, and basically not being at my current job, listen to music at work (but get your job done) and keep your life soundtrack fresh, discover new artists, and don't let the dragon lady or man of a boss get you down!

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