Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing My Coco

Molly here again,I know it is a delayed reaction but I am just here to remind you that we MUST boycott Jey Leno. No more of him on my TV. I miss my Coco he was so much more fun, exciting, and silly than this Leno dude. I am just whining about what I miss on my TV. Now I must scan the channels to find something good on Late Night or maybe just go to sleep early. Now that's a concept. Here are a couple of shows that would be perfect in entertaining me while Leno is on: Most Extreme Eliminations, Married with Children, The Simpsons, The Man Show, or Two and A Half Men. All of which will have me laughing and ready for bed. As the world keeps turning and the sun keeps setting I wonder what Molecular Man is up to? Is he off taming wild beasts? Taking his family on a trip around the world? Does he miss New York? Is he off creating improve studios? Writing for the Simpsons maybe? While I am working my head day dreams of what will Conan do next? Could we document a day in the life of Conan? Or maybe could you win a super awesome sweepstakes to spend a day of creative writing with Conan!!!??? Oh, I can dream can't I?
Well as Conan sets off on his new adventures I pine for his return as the new and well rested Conan. I miss you and I hope you know that everytime its boring and quiet enough at my desk I think of Conan O'Brien and Bill Murray hanging out with me (then I have my silly grin on my face or if its enough I am laughing out loud) and I get through another day of traffic, bills, and static electricity in my hair.
Love Mucky Molly

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