Friday, June 11, 2010

School Again...

Mucky Molly here!
So I have decided that for free awesome health care through my dad that I would indebt myself to another school. LOL oh well I got a lifetime to pay those back (right?).
On the other hand I really like my new school and all it has to offer. I miss being on a campus, meeting new people, and getting information from a teacher as opposed to reading piles of books with out guidance. This new school has it all! Campus and online class meetings. The combo works just fine for me. So I am juggling a crazy life zapping job and intense course work (oh grad school). I am also trying to find that balance of hanging out with friends and not spending all my money! Oh man!
On the flip side I am looking for a new place to live. I want to stay in the same area but closer to a different cable company. (Charter Sucks) Remember that so you don't get scammed into a cool contract and then poof out of the blue they blow up your bill. I also need to get away from the roaches. I am tired of seeing them and their beach lounging furniture on my kitchen counter. Those little bugs only die when I spray them with PineSol and bug bombs just turns their home into a sauna and then they hide under the fridge. So it is time for a change and a new environment. Let's hope we don't go from "Guate-"mala" to Guate-"pior." For all of you who are not Spanish speaking it means plain old "From bad to worse."
Signing out --- Mucky Molly

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