Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello all!
It has been a while... Going from hating to surviving my job, to missing my Plastered Patty. Life has been changing. From horrible road rage Molly to mellow chill Molly. The reason I find myself reflecting is just that so much has changed. I was feeling lost not too long ago, although I may not be found, this path I seem to be on has given me some self meaning. It also may be that I am writing a paper on existentialism. Where I am now is totally different from where I was about 6 months ago. I was hating and destroying plenty of things. Now I am putting those pieces back together and I tell you I made one big fucking mess. I feel bad for the anger I was stuck in but somewhat relieved that it got worked out of my system. I thank all of those who survived it with me.
School is so kick ass! I am loving every moment! I am learning about my field as well as learning about myself. It is so crazy how much things have changed. My head is still reeling!

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