Friday, November 23, 2012

You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down!

Hello All,
Sorry I know it's kind of been like a year since we last spoke but many things have occurred. Grad school, work, and internships. But like a good dog I won't be idly standing by I'll be up in your face before you know it. This part is all delirium due to GRE's for post graduate school... I know I'm a glutton for punishment. My dear Plastered Patty is making her way back to me after a long sabbatical. So come December 18th I'll be done with academics just internship and work and I'll be talking non-stop. Oh, boy won't that be great? *stuffs more ice cream into pie hole* I am in procrastination mode for school and late cramming sesh with the general GRE. You know I should have paid more attention in high school then this stuff wouldn't be so torturous. SO, take my advice. Plan on high jacking high school teenager's high school career and do their homework for them so you can prepare for a PERFECT score on the GRE. I think I should have done this last year then I'd be a pro rather than mediocre at remembering geometry. Hypotenuse, HAH, who needs one? Oh wait, that would be me. BOOO! So before you know it we'll be chatting away. So please come back all you wonderful, crazy, extraordinary, drunken winners, and re-join in reading about being intoxicated and grimy. I miss my Plastered Patty I'll have to let her know I swept away the cob webs and cleaned up the old beer can collection.
With lots of love and fanatical wishful thinking,
Mucky Molly