Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Apparently "Injured" is in?

So much to my dismay I stepped on a bee. This later became a problem when it got infected. Later the doctor cut it out. So now I am bee part free. Although now a chunk of foot is missing I have to hobble around in an injured foot boot.

Enough background now to the story.

Today on the train as I ambled up the walkway I sat down and was gloriously alone for about 0.5 seconds. This man sat next to me. I edged away and placed my back pack on my lap for distance purposes. He slid closer and I put on my concentration face. I was reading on my phone and I popped on my headphones. He was leaning far too close and I looked up. He said he was reading the book over my shoulder. But that I was reading too fast. I sort of glared at him and put my phone closer to my face. I figured grumpy women aren't something to mess with. I thought he got my drift... but no, not my luck. About 20 minutes later it was my stop. I wobbled out of the train. Then Mr. Over the shoulder reader asked me, "Is that boot permanent?" I answered confusedly back at him, "NO."  Then he said "Aww, too bad you have a cute limp." I just stood there burning holes into him with my stare... All he did was laugh. Since when did "injured" become synonymous with cute? I'll never understand it.

Tuesday a guy asked me if he could carry me down the stairs. I said, "no thank you" and kept on my merry way. He later followed me to the escalator on the next stop asking if I wanted a piggy back ride. I once again scowled at him and said, "NO THANK YOU." He smiled, walked away, and blew me a kiss. SAY WHAT! I just sort of stood there all confused.

Monday as I was waiting to get picked up from the train station a guy asked if he could kiss my boo boo. I just frowned at him. He just kept on smiling and walking away.

Ok this all tells me I need a better angry face because so far it's not intimidating anyone! GEEZ! Or maybe I need to start wearing a trash bag as my outfit.

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