Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bag Lady

Hello All,

Another trip on the train another story to tell. On the way home yesterday a very packed train took me home. As I was squished into a corner a Bag Lady came onto the train. Literally wrapped in discarded clothes and black trash bags. She pulled in her large bag on wheels and began to recite what she called "scripture" she was praying for all us lost souls on the train. I let her go at it. It wasn't like I was really paying attention when I had a book in front of me. 

What I should have been doing was watching out for her sermons. She began to rant and rave about women's beauty being used as Satan's temptations. Not that I was dressed like a hoochie or anything like that she just invaded my space and started shaking a very stinky and ratty bible at me. She pointed into my shirt. (Memo to self always wear an undershirt no matter how good the shirt fits). She aptly pointed out that women's breasts were a conduit of Satan's temptation. Her grubby finger about an inch into my shirt scared the shit out of me. I couldn't believe just how quick this rather large bad lady moved. She went and poked at other ladies shirts too and none of us had a moment to react. Poof grubby fingers in 4 women's shirts. So I pressed close to the passengers next to me to huddle. Safety in numbers and all that jazz. Bag lady ranted and raved about another woman passengers "whore make-up" and how the another woman dare wear a skirt above the knee. At the next stop our kind train conductor asked her to step out. While hustling her out at the next stop she kept calling him stupid over and over again while the doors closed in her face. 
I kept wondering if everyone dressed like her and wandered around like a Bag Lady if she'd be happy?

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