Friday, August 2, 2013

Open Letter to Mr. Foot Grabber

Dear Mr. Foot Grabber,
Yes, I am talking to you sir. First of all let me tell you that when you are riding a public train just because your seat neighbor has opened toed shoes does not mean "please grab my foot." First of all yes, I love cute shoes and furthermore, yes, they looked damn cute! But just because you asked for the time, which I supplied to you in a timely manner does not mean I was dying for a foot rub. I would appreciate you to leave all people alone on the train, wait make that in all public settings. Do not interrupt reading, bobbing of heads to music, or plain old spaced out. Refrain from grabbing body parts that are not your own. I was obviously into a book, listening to music, and ignoring my surroundings. This was not an invitation to publicly announce you have a foot fetish. While I innocently swung in beat to my music. (Yes, I am that short my feet dangle about 2 inches off the floor.) There was no need to karate kid your way into grabbing onto my big toe. I yelped like a kicked puppy. You scared the crap out of me! I would have appreciated you to have let go of my foot as I pulled away from you not the fact that you grabbed my shoe heel. No it was not me being cute or a drama queen that was my angry face! You had no right to announce to the crowd on the train how cute my feet are. Most people just glance and move on. Why can't you opt to take that route? Or maybe consider becoming a professional foot rubber so people bring their feet to you! May I also point out that if I hadn't been off balance I would have kicked you in the face. Maybe it was the glaring of the other passengers maybe you finally realized you were being creepy but thank you for not driving me to violence and letting go of my foot as my stop arrived. Also I would have liked to have had the time to not just gape at you like a fish out of water but what do you say to that?! So I write you this note. Please stop grabbing feet! There are plenty of people who enjoy that. Just look them up on craigslist or some weird dating site. Leave hapless stranger feet alone! 
Still freaking out,
Mucky Molly

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