Friday, October 4, 2013

What shampoo is that?

Today on the train I miraculously found a person who has a thing for smelling hair. I had it up in a bun, you'd think that was deterrent enough.
As I read my book. A man standing holding the bar above me asks... "What kind of shampoo is that?" Mind you I thought he was on the phone or asking someone else. I kept reading and he tapped my shoulder. "What kind of shampoo is that?" I look at him still confused and I say "Huh?" He then says "Can I smell your hair? Your shampoo smells nice" Mr. Cheerful just scared the crap out of me... I stare at him dumbfounded and I just say it is grapefruit scented shampoo. He leans in, I scoot away, he sniffs, and he says "Nope that's not what I smell." I just smiled awkwardly and tell him "Well that's what the bottle says." I get up and move to another seat. That was super creepy. I usually don't break my nerve I just sit there and ignore.
The passengers around me were just as stupefied as I was. He just smiled and got off on the next stop.
What was that all about!? I swear I need to start wearing a hat, closed toed shoes, and a carry a cubicle or something. What about me says "Weirdos Stop Here for Inquiry"
One will never know....

The many colorful moments on public transportation...
-Mucky Molly

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